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SingersResound is an initiative of the National Opera Studio (NoS). We feel there is a gap in support for artists in the opera industry. When singers encounter difficulty, vocal or otherwise, they need time to regroup or recover at their own pace. SingersResound is presently in a trial phase as part of further research into how we can best support singers during difficult periods in their career. This pilot scheme is working on a voluntary basis as a support network of trained mentors to support professional opera singers.

A singer emerging from a period of struggle needs not only supportive people, but a safe route back to performing. This glimmer of light has been offered by If Opera whose ethos includes caring for, nurturing and understanding a singer’s mental, professional and physical well-being, whether at the beginning, middle or end of their career.  If Opera's repertory ensemble model also provides a solid and enduring period of collegiate, supportive working in a mutually creative and respectful environment.

Opera, as a conventional industry and art, is one that centres around the exacting skills of singers’ voices. The fact that their jobs require them to combine the emotional flexibility of an actor and the mentality and finesse of an athlete is often ignored. Many singers have found themselves in mid/late-career difficulties through no fault of their own – be that physical, mental or social circumstances and SingersResound, along with If Opera offers a safe route back to the stage. This will be achieved through SingersResound's programme of support and mentoring, coupled with If Opera taking several of these re-emerging singers into their seasonal company.

SingersResound supports those on their journey of vocal and/or mental recovery. If Opera is joining NoS on this path by providing a platform for a singer to recalibrate as an holistic artist and to reconnect with an audience.

We are delighted, therefore, to partner with a company who cherishes not just the product but the person behind the voice. Together, SingersResound and If Opera can not only help to catch singers before they fall, but also, after a setback, provide stepping stones back to performance.

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